Thursday, July 9, 2009

Look at people around you, or look at yourself..

The wideness of the world make different people have different behavior.. why this inconsistency happen?

For me, behaviors of certain people are mostly influenced by the condition of the society itself.. Simply because, family (parents & siblings), peer groups, and other communities in a society itself can be considered as groups of people that widely involved in the shape of a person's behavior.. yes, it is true that we ourselves are the one who suppose 2 determine our own identity n which flow that we r going 2 follow.. However, in today's world, it is so hard 2 practice that way.. Simply because human have 2 behave themselves accordingly with the situation.. Or else, they will not be accepted n fail 2 survive in the society.. Sometimes, human are full with hypocrisy.. We have 2 be some1 else that is not belong 2 our identity.. Maybe it is because of the mindset of large numbers of people that have the way of thinking -only accepting people who have the same standard or thinking with them that can get along or socialize with them.. The consequences 2 this, a lot of people have 2 be "hypocrite" so that, they will not be eliminated by the society.. Different with people who love 2 talk as they are soooo good n pious people in front of the public.. But the truth, they fail to u/stand the real concept of the subject matters.. n the most disappointing is that they don't even hold what have been spoken by themselves before.. What a full of hypocrisy world!! Wallahua'lam....

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