Saturday, August 8, 2009

cerita hari itu~~

part 2: the coming of new theatre..

hurm.. my world was temporarily dark (it was night)... i had my dinner with my friends at kenari restaurant.. we have been invited to attend an audition session conducted by arts & cultural club (formerly known as getar & gerimis).. they were searching for actors & actress for their new upcoming theater that will be held on this month which is for merdeka celebration.. since my friends n i have once took part in the previous theater, our service is highly needed by them (perhaps) whom are 1st year students... after that, we went to block C where the auditon was held..

the audition was started with a friends- izaan.. the situation was so00 hilarious!! he is such a funny guy!! he managed to bring any characters asked by the judges succesfully!! me?? hurm.. i was thinking at that moment wheither i should join the theater or not.. during that time, this club was facing some problem actually.. finally i did not took part in the audition.. as my friends and i are also the committees of this club (supposely) we tried to settle the "problem" with all the juniors.. some sort like "hati ke hati"..huhu.. after that, everything is getting clear.. n suddenly i became interested to join the theater..huhu.. after we read the script, and we also gave some opinions according to the story line to make it more interesting.. n i found that this story will be a great succes.. cant wait to see it!!

so.. will i take part in the theater? juz wait n see..huhu


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