Tuesday, August 4, 2009


hurm.. today i woke up as early as 8.00 am to prepare myself before i go to the communication class at 8.30pm.. as what i have mentioned before, im not feeling well with all the flu, fever n cough... hurm.. i can say that it was sooo disaster when i was in my class because im not feeling comfortable with myself becuz of the flu that keep on "flowing"haha.. quite disgusting rite?haha.. i even cant concentrate to the lecture... at the moment, i left my tissue in my locker..huhu.. sooo disappointing..huhu.. i have no other choice n have to ask some tissue from the girls.. for sure la all the gentlemen will not bring tissue in their pocket right?haha.. luckily, hawa give me some helping hand give me some tissue..huhu..
after that i proceed with my political science class.. luckily it was only 1 hour class.. right after i finished the class, i went to the clinic to see a doctor.. i've been provided with a mask to cover my "pancaindera"..huhu.. there were sooo many people in the clinic.. it took quite a looooong time to wait 4 my turn..at the same time, i was sooo nervous bcuz im afraid if im +ve h1n1..huhu.. when it was my turn, i went to see the doctor.. n it was soooo disappointing.. not bcuz of im +ve h1n1 but the way he treat me as a patient... soo000 not friendly.. at the moment, i was wondering how come he can be a doctor?? Gosh!!... u know what? my friend told me that she was also facing the same situation.. the doctor asked her... "sakit apa?"
my friend said.. "selsema doktor".. the doctor replied " semua yg dtg pn selsema"-with the dissatisfaction tone... the doctor even merungut because there were lots more patient were waiting to see him... huhhh~~ for me, maybe he was juz accidentally managed to get the title of "DOCTOR".. im sorry to say this... =)

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