Wednesday, September 23, 2009


good bye Ramadhan...
that is the 1st sentence that comes out from my mouth when i heard the "takbir raya".
it was a night before 1st syawal comes to invite all Muslims to celebrate their special day after 1 month not only fighting against our lust but also not taking any foods or drinks during the day.
we should be proud to be a part of the month the we used to call it "bulan seribu bulan".

now, let us together celebrate this great moment with the feeling of gratefulness on what we have.
today, we have leaved the Ramadhan al-mubarak, who knows next time there will be no more Ramadhan or even Syawal for us. so, let us fulluse this moment to ask for forgivness among all people around us on what we have done before that might hurt their feelings. this Syawal will be a great start for us to strenghten the ukhuwah and silaturrahim among all people around us. Insyaallah....

so, at this moment, i myself would like to seek for thousands of apologize for having done something that has caused any inconvenience or unhappiness.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Today, I learned something new about blogging. While I was about to start doing my assignment, I found something at the office button in Microsoft word which is "new". As it is my habit which is to explore something new, I clicked it and the words of "new blog post" come out. I clicked it and it needs me to register something that is related to blogging. It is some sort like a service to ease the blogger to post their new posts for their blog!! Then, I decided to try it out. Just in simple steps, I managed to register this service. if before this i have to go directly to the blogger, now i can just easily post something for my blog anytime when the idea comes out. So, this is my first attempt to post something to my blog using this "thingy". Hopefully I will be able to manage my blog efficiently..huhu~~