Sunday, October 4, 2009


this morning was my last paper (basic political science) for the final exam of my final semester in this CFS IIUM, nilai. that means i will be no longer stay here as a student of CFS (that is only if i have passed all my final exam papers..Insyaallah). it is the law of nature that every beginning has its ending. same goes to the my journey here as a student of CFS IIUM nilai. my journey in nilai has started from the year 2008 until 2009. today, i have found the full stop of my journey as a foundation student. the next step that i have to take is, to continue my journey n further my study as a degree student in IIUM gombak..Insyaallah.

academically, a have learned lots of things that i never know before. it really helps me to learn more about a course called as Human Sciences. from a very little knowledge about this field, now, i am able to describe what is Human Sciences actually is. now, i must start to think which subject that im going to major in my degree program. roughly, these are some of the subjects that i have learned during my lecture period:

1) Psychology

2) Sociology & Anthropology

3) Political Science

4) Communication

5) History

talking about friendships, of course, in every journey we will find lots of people which can be classified as true friends and vice versa. for me, no matter what types of people that i have met, i will always appreciate them as persons that have came into my life. they have taught me the real meanig of friendship. my dormmates, classmates, and not forgotten all my friends from Human Sciences Society(FOCHUSS). they are all my beloved friends i that i ever have in my life.

last but not least, i would like to conclude that everything that happens in my life is the best gift and it teaches me on how to be a better person in this world. and i would like to seek for forgiveness to all my friends and any people whom i might have hurt them intentionally or unintentionally...
may our relationship will keep on glittering as the stars in the sky..ameen..

finally, this is some sort like a "tinta hati" that sincerely comes the depth of my heart for any person called "friend"...

setiap apa yang berlaku, pertemuan mahupun perpisahan pasti akan berlalu..
berlalu dan terus menjadi k
tetapi ketahuilah bahawa setiap kenangan itu tidak akan pernah luput dari ingatan..
biarpun pahit mahupun manis..
kerana ianya adalah satu kenangan yang paling
indah dalam kehidupan..

im going to miss them soo00 damn much::

committee members of FOCHUSS '09

bureau of INPUD '09

classes 0f sem 1 09/10, group 1:

creative & critical thinking class

basic method research & report writing class

communication class

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