Thursday, October 28, 2010

final exam!!

juz a couple days to go, final exam will officially begin!
to all my friends, the best of luck to u guys ok! and for me, im juz hoping for ur prayers and wishes for my success. whatever it is, study smart ok..('',)y

see ya in exam hall! luv ya!!

subjects for this semester:

comparative politics

sciences of hadith

study circle 2 (halaqah)

intermediate Quranic for HS (3)

intro. to psychology

sciences of Quran

Islamic aqidah


  1. all the best for you!

  2. 10 hb last paper..
    btw, ni sape yer?huhu

  3. gudluck! may Allah guide u in ur exams!! btw, correction!
    -will officially 'begin'(no 's'.'will' is an auxiliary verb)
    -"i'm" jz hoping for ur "prayers"..pray-verb. prayer-noun.
    tu yg ak prasan..

  4. mila> ni sah ko!haha
    yup2, aku pn baru perasan.. ada word will, suppose root word..sorry!hehe
    ok, nanti aku btolkan.. thnx!

  5. ak lupe plak ltk nme..huhu~~mola