Thursday, October 28, 2010

owh~~~ i see!!

last October 21st, 2010 uia became a host for:
OiC -Islamic Conference of Ministers of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Delegations

and what i was doing there?haha.. i was 1 of the student representatives during that day. it was fun to have this kind of great opportunity and get along with the well known people around the world (almost). my friends and i had a very great time together and pretended as if we were also some part of the delegations!hahahaha
these pictures clearly shown how verangan we were at that time!!hahaha

cultural unit team

verangan couple

CAC presenting...

some of the participated countries


they r such kind lecturers

performances by cultural unit

delegations from malaysia katanya!

datuk, datin and their discussions!

again..delegation from malaysia

datin2 sekalian..

r they lost??

ooohh.. there u go...the architects katanya!

p/s: special thanks to cultural unit and miss zack zayana for giving me this chance to join u guys! *wink2*