Tuesday, February 15, 2011


satu sindrom klise melanda.
malas yang amat.
malas nak study, buat assignment.
kerja2 kelab pun banyak juga.
malas juga.
jadi untuk entri kali ini, inilah yang ada.
entri yang malas oleh si pemalas.
maaf, entri ini sememangnya sia-sia untuk dibaca.
sila jauhi entri sebegini pada masa akan dtg.

Friday, February 4, 2011

the domino effect

1. It looks like the Arab countries are experiencing some kind of revolution. Apparently the people are not happy with the leadership of their largely authoritarian Governments. Equally obviously they want a change of Governments or the leaders.

2. The revolution has succeeded in Tunisia. Now we are seeing upheavals in Egypt.

3. Should these revolutions succeed there would be new Governments. But it is worthwhile to remember that change is not always for the better. It is incumbent upon those bent on effecting change to have some idea about the kind of Governments they want. Otherwise they may get the same kind of Governments that they try so hard to be rid off. This is because most leaders upon achieving power would change and would forget the struggles and sacrifices which enabled them to be in power. Power corrupts as we all know.

4. Perhaps in order to avoid a new dictatorship from emerging, democracy would be chosen. A democratic leader can be changed merely through voting.

5. But the system can be abused. Either the elected leader would fix elections to perpetuate his office or there would be a series of ineffective Governments as the people reject each one with their votes. This will cause instability. The country would be no better.

6. To avoid this the electorate must not allow themselves to be manipulated. They must exercise their voting rights judiciously. But this would be something new to them and they may not be skilled enough in exercising their power to choose.

7. I will not presume to know all the needs of the countries concerned, much less to provide solutions.

8. Whatever, the new Governments must never forget the people who so courageously rose against the previous Governments. They had done so because they expect a better Government which will care for the people. I am told that high unemployment rate is one of the major causes. This problem must be given priority or the same fate will be met by the new Government. This will require better management of the economy, in particular the creation of more jobs.

9. Corruption in the administration must be reduced. Drastic measures will be needed. For this the most important thing is for the new ruling elites, particularly the leader, however chosen to demonstrate that they are not corrupt.

10. The skills in administration must be upgraded so that Government would be able to deliver on promises of better governance.

11. I feel sad that not a single Muslim country is classified as developed. Almost invariably it is due to Government incompetence. We see some hope in the progress made by Turkey. But even Turkey is far from being a developed country.

12. There will be some Muslims who will say that being developed is not important to Islam. What is important is to be Islamic according to their interpretation of the teachings of Islam.

13. This is fallacious. We know that the reason for the oppression of Muslim countries and discrimination against Muslims that we see today is because they are underdeveloped and weak. They are labeled as terrorists. They have no capacity to protect themselves. They are forever dependent on aid, usually by the powerful countries. And when powerful countries give aid, it is not free. They have to toe the line determined by the donors.

14. Does Islam teach us to be weak and poor, to be beggars incapable of defending ourselves? Certainly not. Therefore in striving to become a developed country we are not going against the teachings of Islam. Indeed what we will be doing is to restore the good image of Islam and to counter the propaganda that Islam is the cause of the poverty and incompetence of Muslims. To defend Islam and the Muslims, to regain respect for the religion cannot be against the teachings of Islam.

15. I hope and pray that those who replace the displaced Governments will govern their countries well and much good will come from the sacrifices made by the demonstrators. 

*it is so sad to hear and see lots of conflicts are happening around the islamic countries. 
 im here just can pray that everything will be just fine as what it is supposed to be. 
 we are muslims, but why we are corrupt? please "leaders", we need "leaders".
 this article was quoted from tun dr. mahathir;s blog, to view the original post, kindly click here.